The internet always delivers the most cost effective advertising possible

Because when your customer has the need for your product, they can find it using online searches.  You only pay for the creation of your ad and a very low set fee to host your website online, as opposed to television and radio where you must pay for each airing.  Not only can video advertisements on the internet deliver more qualified prospects than any other form of advertising, they can also be the ultimate sales tool in their ability to completely develop and close the majority of your sales.

Internet advertisements in websites are always there to sell and close customers

A one to three minute television or radio ad is too short to deliver the information necessary to close a sale.  A thirty minute infomercial may offer the time necessary to completely present your products.  But, who can afford a 30 minute television or radio production?   Website advertising offers unlimited resources that will completely present all your products and services and they will close the sale.  Your website advertising is immediately present online forever for a small hosting fee.  Television, radio and newspaper ads are gone the minute the ad is over, unless you want to pay the bill over and over again.

We are an ad agency and web development firm specializing in video advertising

Our most important product and our passion is effective ad copy.  Anyone can throw a bunch of graphics and meaningless writing together.  We put powerful ad copy and sales presentations together in the most complete yet concise form.  But the cost for our service is well below the majority of high end advertising firms.  With other advertising firms you pay for their service and must still buy some form of delivery: television, radio, or newspaper.  JORGweb creates the most effective ad copy available and we deliver it online at much lower cost.

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