SEO causes your website to find more new customers than any other way

To understand the value of our websites you must know what SEO is.   We have found that most people don't understand the value of a website that is optimized for search engines.  More to the point, most people don't understand search engine optimization at all.  Some think they know and haven't got a clue.  They make the costly mistake of believing their websites and the ads they contain are visible to the public when in reality their sites are buried so deeply they will never be found by anyone.  More specifically their websites are worthless in their ability to find new customers. 

Websites can be designed so they rise to the top of natural search results

What are natural search results?  They are the larger links and descriptions in the body of the search result.  You don't pay the search engine when these links are clicked on by your customers.  Contrast Pay Per Click (PPC) links.  They are the ones that are highlighted at the top of the page or they are the smaller links and descriptions at the right of the page.  You pay the search engine every time someone clicks your PPC link.  We're not saying it's a bad thing, PPC advertising is very effective given the right product, typically one with a large price tag.

Your website must be designed using SEO if it is to come up in natural searches...

...for every word and phrase related to your product or service.   Otherwise, your site won't be matter how pretty it is.  Most people don't understand this.  I talked to a gentleman whose wife had a fitness business.  I asked him if her website was optimized.  Specifically I asked him if it came up in searches using known keyword phrases.  He said that it did.  Well, when I searched for it the only keyword that would bring her site up in Google was her domain name.  Her domain name was based on her own name (i.e.,, which would not even bring one person to her site because it has no relationship with her product.  Unless they knew her, no one would ever search using her name.  If the site were optimized, it will come up in searches using industry related phrases such as "fitness in Phoenix" or "workout Arizona" or Exercise in AZ and so on.  In fact, there are thousands of keyword phrases related to fitness that would bring up a website optimized for them when entered into Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines.  The same is true for your industry.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effect website design?

Keywords must be built into specific structural elements of the website.  It is an exact science.  You can't just throw them in and hope for the best.   Some very beautiful websites are never found by anyone - ever - because the designer failed in one of the most important elements of web design...SEO.   You can't see the qualities of an optimized site when viewing it  from the web.  It's built into the code.  Numerous little details of a website must be designed for maximum Search Engine Optimization.  Many features that look good aren't good for SEO. 

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