SEO websites must be designed for expansion

When it comes to Search Engine optimization, size counts.  The larger your site is with HTML writing the more important search engines think it is.  You can't just dump any information in.  That's a form of what they call spamming.  It must be real, educational information pertinent to your business.   If your site contains spam, your competitors may complain to search engines and your site may be banned.  Pages must be designed so they can be easily and quickly updated and expanded so the features of SEO can be maximized as your business and industry grows, evolves and changes.  Menu systems must be designed for continuous expansion.  Time Counts Too!  Google and the other search engines implement an aging process.  The more time your optimized website resides on the internet, the higher your rankings will be over competitors who place their websites after you.  Get higher rankings and more sales by preemptively placing your website over your competition.

Not all businesses can IMMEDIATELY benefit from website optimization

If you are in an extremely saturated market, one with thousands of competitors, there can be too many businesses posting websites for a specific product or service.  But, you can use other methods to get your web based sales presentations in front of your customers.  Pay Per Click (PPC) is an expensive but viable option.  Another more cost effective option is online telephone directories which many people use instead of yellow pages phone books.  This is a big trend.  For a small monthly or yearly fee your business is listed and your listing contains a link to your website.  Keep in mind that in a saturated industry, over time, your competitors will go out of business.  Survivors that maintain optimized sites will eventually rise to the top.  You can plan ahead by maintaining an optimized site.  In the meantime, you can use online phone directories to build your company.  When you succeed and competition falls to the wayside, you can enjoy more business and reduced advertising costs as your site rises in natural search results.  By planning ahead and implementing SEO now, you will win the long run game.  In short, a website maintained for SEO can rise to the top and pay over time, even in a saturated market.

We are not just selling SEO, we are selling winning sales presentations

We design your website with SEO so it finds qualified customers...this is prospecting.  It identifies the product as one needed by your target customer...this is marketing and advertising.  Then it sells it better than any live sales person could...this is making money.  For many products, our sales presentations can outperform and replace an entire force of salespeople.  The cost is next to nothing compared to the cost of maintaining a sales force.  Think of it, no payroll, no printing costs,  communication costs are minimized, and most of all travel costs can be almost eliminated.

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