Plan 1: Basic web design – a COMPLETE WEBSITE at a very low price

Our lowest price website design package was created so anyone can afford a high quality Search Engine Optimized website by JORGweb...even the smallest business.  In order to receive the advertised price you must submit your website materials exactly in accordance with instructions we send you.  The price for our Basic Web Design package does not include sales calls from JORGweb.  To keep prices as low as possible, if you choose this plan we will NOT come to your physical site unless you purchase photographic or onsite video sessions.   You will have to forward your materials including photos, graphics, writing, and a completed website design form to JORGweb via email attachments, mail, or delivery service such as UPS or Fed-ex.

This package price is the lowest for a website that includes Search Engine Optimization.  What does SEO mean to you?  A website can be designed with properties that facilitates its being indexed by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.  If your product or service is in a market that is not too saturated, your website can be designed so it will come up high in search rankings, frequently on the first page.  This is what we do.  We design your website so it is optimized for search engines for maximum exposure to new customers.

We give you the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for FREE.  It's included in the price of your website.  Search Engine Optimization is considered to be a separate service from web design.  In fact SEO requires creative control over your must be built into your website's design.  So the best time for it to be done is at the outset, when your site is first designed.   We are not talking about "Pay-for-click" services where you actually pay search engines for each click you receive.  We can create a high rank in "natural" search results -- the ones you don't pay for.  SEO makes our inexpensive website a high end deal.

Plan 2: Large scale websites - charged at a very small hourly rate

This plan is not only for large scale is also for busy professionals and business people who don’t have the time to create and/or organize writing or photos for their website.  All you have to do is let us pick up any brochures, written materials, graphics, and photos already existing in your organization.  They can be in any order.  We will sort it out, organize and analyze it and create the most powerful writing, photos, graphics, advertisements and sales presentations possible in a website optimized for superior search engine results.  In this plan we create new advertising and extensively analyze your market including all of your competitors prior to beginning work.

Plan 3: Timeshare program hourly rate - continuous SEO and web development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires maintenance.  This is because most industries are continuously changing.  Change comes from new technologies, new competition or existing competition offering new things.  Change and new products and services generates new keywords, some based on new industry jargon.  Your sites must include new keywords as they come into being, especially if they become popular.  If you don't include new keywords, you will lose ranking to sites that contain the new keywords (your competitors).  Optimizing a website so it is found in searches requires that keywords and phrases be strategically built into HTML code and writing.  As your industry evolves, new keywords become popular and prevalent.  They must be included in your site's code so it gains or maintains first page position on the search engines.  Depending on how much change occurs in a given industry, this can be a continuous process required for any site to gain and hold ranking.  All top companies, including those making millions of dollars of revenue online have full time staff or services performing SEO.  This is how it is done.  You cannot maintain high ranking any other way.  SEO expenditures are infinitesimal compared to the cost of maintaining a large sales force.  Remember, businesses succeeding at using the internet to sell and make money are doing so only with optimized websites.  Without SEO your website will never be found by customers. No matter how good it looks, it won't sell a thing for you.

Timeshares are the easiest way to continuously update SEO and deliver new advertisements, sales presentations and promotions designed to generate new business and retain your standing customer base.  Beyond ranking, it is a fact, growing organizations that want to remain competitive must always be connected to their market. They must continuously produce something new in advertisements, sales presentations, and promotions as a basis for new sales initiatives and programs.  Timeshare customers have priority over all other customers.  Using timeshares, we become strategically involved with your organization on a continuous basis, allowing you to minimize your costs for our services by sharing our cost with other organizations that purchase our timeshares.  To protect you, rest assured the organizations you share us with will never be in your immediate industry.

You gain continuous in house web design, SEO updates, and market presence...with amazing precision and speed in service.  You gain a continuous flow of new advertisements, sales presentations and promotions.  You will always be offering something fresh and exciting to your customers that you can base new sales initiatives upon.  Your salespeople will never again walk into your customer’s or prospect’s site without a new advertising initiative or sales tool as a basis for the call.  The largest most successful companies use a continuous flow of new advertising, sales presentations and promotions as the basis for new sales calls.  This is the advantage that opens the doors for your salespeople and gives them the best reason to schedule new sales appointments because they always have something new and exciting to talk about and share with prospects and customers.  We do what it takes to deliver your complete message and generate new business at lightning speed.  As a result you will always be first in bringing new products, services and promotions to your customers and prospects preemptively over your competition, faster than any other way.

Contact us and request we send you our website design form... includes pricing for all of our web design plans and all of our services.  Regardless of the plan you choose, it tells you exactly how to work with us to produce the best website, advertising and sales presentations at absolutely the lowest cost.

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If you want to outrank your competition with new product or service initiatives, they must be communicated by your organization to us immediately. Responsibility for communicating this information to us should be built into all of your systems, especially strategy and sales meetings.

We will not be able to work without writing and media from you. Media is photographs, and/or videos. You may already have some or be able to create in-house. If not, it's our job to create it for you. In that case, you must schedule photo and video sessions with us. We will not be responsible for a lack of output if you schedule web development hours and fail to supply the writing and media we need.

Large scale event preplanning requirement. We require at least one meeting one week prior to an event scheduled to last up to one and a half hours. Events scheduled to last over an hour and a half require we meet three weeks beforehand. We require access to the venue three days prior to the event to determine the set up for lights. Spontaneous events and added time require additional charges.

It is our policy to only create high quality web pages. Toward that end, we absolutely require at least one large banner photograph or video or 2 smaller photographs be placed on every new web page we create (no exceptions). If we have writing but do not have photographs or videos from you (see above), we will purchase inexpensive stock photos for you. The rights to stock photos will be registered in your organization's name. They can be replaced at a later date if desired.

Contact Person – When working with diverse groups of people within your organization we require you to appoint a contact person that will be the only person authorized to direct our actions. If others within your organization want to have creative input into the design of your site they must communicate that input to the designated contact person. The contact person will in turn communicate with us. This reconciles differing opinions and viewpoints within your organization prior to execution. It eliminates conflict and the possibility of our creating the wrong design which may require subsequent rework.

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