Websites optimized for high search engine rankings for all professional services

We do web design for manufacturers and manufacturers sales reps, engineers and engineering firms, architects, advertising agencies and artists.  Manufacturers and manufacturers sales representatives can use JORGweb video presentations to reduce or replace live sales calls that require costly business travel.  If you are an advertising agency, you must be able to create web presence for your customers if they need it.  We can build a channel of business for you or your customers that will cause your firm to succeed for years to come.

Website design and SEO for doctors and professional medical services

Experienced physicians know that web presence is the key to developing a practice.  It is the least expensive and easiest way to continually find new patients and sell them on using your services.  Many medical organizations use television advertising and find it ineffective and cost prohibitive.  We have experience in creating a chain of business for medical organizations.  Some medical procedures and services require extended support for patients.  We create the most effective support systems and they are available to your patients anytime.

Web design and search engine optimization for attorneys and legal services

A website for your law practice can bring in clients without you having to leave your office.  Attorneys typically either have way too much work or no cases at all.  We will optimize your website so you can have a continuous flow of clients looking for your specific legal expertise or service.  Then you can pick and choose cases that best match your specialized legal services.  This allows you to build your reputation with successes in your legal specialty and in turn maximize your profits.

A website designed for your restaurant will sell your passion for your culinary art

People look for restaurants and food services online.  There are many search engines and yellow pages that will put your restaurant in a list of restaurants similar to yours.  Those highest on the list get the business.  You may not be high on that list.  We can make your restaurant come up high in searches for your unique cuisine.  Not in a list of competitors, but your own search result with your own custom advertising and sales presentation.  Tell people exactly what makes your atmosphere and dining experience unique and superior to anything available in your area.  People will discover your passion in your online presentation.  You will receive their business over competitors with lesser web presence.

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