INSTANTLY AVAILABLE perfected web video sales presentations and advertisements

Imagine...your competitive advantages carefully analyzed and delivered in a series of perfected presentations.  Each product and service is precisely explained by a real person, with every visual possible appearing in correct order at exactly the right moment with no interruptions, culminating with the ultimate perfected closing lines.

Web video sales productions can sell products & train your sales people for FREE

Untrained salespeople make fools of themselves and your company.  Do your salespeople get fully and fairly trained?  Who has time to train?  Who makes certain they get complete up-to-date information and documentation...does it exist?  JORGweb online video sales presentation brochures will not only advertise and sell your products, they will completely and precisely deliver excellent training to all your people.  Your entire group will learn exactly what to do and say from the very best.

Web video sales presentations make phone sales as effective as live sales calls

Send an email link to your customers for them to see your online sales presentations while they are on the phone with you.  Instantly they can see a real person delivering an extraordinary sales presentation with every piece of technical and visual information required to produce the maximum order.

Don't burn energy making sales pitches - use JORG video sales presentations

Your JORG presentations are not only available on the web, they can be run from a CD or installed on your laptop computer.  They can be presented to individuals or large groups by using a projector.  Live sales presentations are nerve-racking and tiring.  Instead of presenting, you can observe customer reaction to information presented for you by JORG presentations.  When you see customer reactions you know what's important to them and exactly what you must follow up.  JORG video sales presentations answer all questions completely and precisely.  They do all the work for you so you won't be tired.  You will have energy to close any sale.

Socializing causes live person-to-person sales calls to lose focus

Make certain you and all of your salespeople never forget a thing.  Important new products, services, process improvements, and initiatives will never fail to be presented if your sales people follow JORG online video sales presentation brochures.  They are perfect for conference call presentations.  Participants easily connect to JORG online video sales presentations, setup ever.  JORGweb presentations deliver complete, maximized sales.

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